ADHD Assessments 

We offer expert diagnostic and treatment services for adults with suspected Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Our specialists are highly experienced, caring clinicians who take a person-centred approach. 

You can be seen either online or in person at our consulting rooms near Denmark Hill station.

What to expect:

To make a diagnosis you will need a clinical assessment alongside other sources of information. There is no single test that can identify ADHD. You will be asked to complete some questionnaires which you will be sent in advance. We will also send you questionnaires to be completed by someone who knew you well as a child and someone who knows you well now.

On the day of your assessment your clinician will spend time hearing about your current difficulties, the effect on your personal and working life and they will also have detailed background questions to gain a better understanding of your life.

Where possible, we will also ask permission to speak to someone who knows you well. This is usually a close family member.

ADHD is not the only condition that can cause some of these problems. Expert assessments always consider what else might be contributing. Getting the diagnosis right makes sure you get the right treatment and support. Whatever the diagnosis, our clinicians will take a collaborative approach to helping you overcome difficulties and achieve your full potential.

What is ADHD?

ADHD is a condition that affects our behaviours. It usually first appears in childhood and it affects us in our personal and professional lives.

In adults some of the key problems are difficulties with:

  • focusing and completing tasks
  • managing and organising your time
  • coping with stress
  • feeling restless or impatient
  • being impulsive and taking risks

Some adults may not have been diagnosed in childhood. Some people may have been able to work around their symptoms when younger but find it harder to manage in work or higher education. We also know that ADHD is under-diagnosed in women who are less likely to get help as a result.

ADHD in adults is treated through therapy and behavioural training, work on managing stress and mindfulness and where appropriate with medication. 

Our doctors will work with you to understand your preferences and decide on a tailored approach best suited to your needs as an individual.


Our ADHD assessment price is £1,500.


Autism Assessments

Our expert clinicians provide diagnostic assessments for Autism, informed by 

NICE guidelines, using gold-standard diagnostic tools such as the ADI-R & ADOS-2. 

Our specialist consultants provide support for both children and their families who are looking for a diagnosis of Autism. If your child is experiencing difficulties, an assessment may lead to an explanation and help you plan for the most appropriate care, education and support.

Please call us on 020 3228 9880 for more information or to book now. 


Our assessment price starts from £2,875.